Voice Business Intermediation


Our Voice business services is dedicated to Global Voice carriers and Wholesalers that want to get voice interconnections with some MNOs, MVNOs, OTTs, Wholesalers in Africa . We facilite the interactions and help to build a suitable business for both parties. In conter part we get Commissions on the business we generate .

Mobile Operator in Africa are very difficult to reach and they don’t always speak english or foreign language . DABO CONNECT goal is to create and facilitate business between Carriers, wholesalers and mobile operators by providing :

  • Technical expertises
  • Business development ressources
  • language flexibility
  • Our experience on the telecom field
  • Huge network amont the wholesale voice managers in most of the mobile operators  in Africa

We have  a team with several years of experience in the telecom field  in Africa .We also avec  contacts and facilities to reach  most of the African MNOs and wholesalers . We cover presently all the Sub-Saharian countries and will soon develop our capacity in North Africa .

We know how the wholesale voice business works and the realities  in Africa . So we will be able to assist international teams on their business development process and help them reach their targets.

For more information please contact us .