International Business development teams are always in contact with foreign markets and it is not easy to have the same understanding or way of doing things . Particularly in Africa where we have more than 52 countries and hundreds of Dialects.

Africa has his own specifications and way of doing business , we call it "the African Business Way" .

DABO CONNECT provide coaching to these international teams to be better prepare for the challenges they may face while targeting their African customers .

We give them strategies and techniques so they can have global understanding of their future markets and be efficient on closing deals .

Our team is composed by African that worked in  MNC companies in Asia, Europe and Africa. We have several years of experience working has International Business developper Manager in Africa , covering all the 52 countries . We know very well all the challenges an international team may face while intering the African market and we are here to help you .  

The coaching can be personnalise  according to the need and the size of your team .

We use games , a lot of interaction , example , videos and even simulations to help your team to get a better understanding of their market .

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